New fibre adaptor plates for Plug&Play patchpanel

Flexible and scalable solution to provide high density and connectivity choice

Nexans is pleased to announce the launch of new LANmark-OF Adaptor Plates. They are designed for installation inside the Nexans Plug&Play panels and allow a wide range of connectivity options. A mix of different adaptor types and a combination of singlemode and multimode within the same panel is possible.  The adaptor plates offer a flexible and scalable solution to facilitate adds, moves and changes.

The LANmark-OF Adaptor Plates allow short installation times as well as high density up to 96 LC. Both are key requirements for data centres. Traditional LAN-environments can benefit from the wide range of connector options, the possibility to mix connecter types and the benefit of scalability.

The adaptor plates are available for LC, SC and ST-adaptors in various densities.  The LC and SC-versions are available in multimode Aqua, singlemode Blue and singlemode APC Green.  The ST-version is only available in multimode and singlemode.

The LANmark-OF Adaptor Plates allow installation of Pre-Term and splicing with pigtails inside the Plug&Play panel.  With heat shrink protectors we can now offer a solution with up to 96 heat shrink protectors with maxistrip pigtails inside the 1U patch panel.

The installation accessories like fibre organisers, splice cassettes and cable glands are not included in the Plug&Play Patch Panel but can be ordered separately.

With the introduction of the adaptor plates the LANmark-OF 48 SC and 24 LC patch panels are scheduled to be phased out, while the LANmark-OF Preloaded 48LC and 96LC patch panels remain available.

The LANmark-OF SC and LC adaptor plates are available as of now, while the ST-adaptor plates will be available in September 2015.

The installation guide for the Plug&Play panel has also been updated.