Nexans fire resistant cables with exceptional mechanical performance makes installation work easier

ALSECURE® Premium is a range of innovative cables based on INFIT  insulation technology.

It offers many advantages to installation and post-installation steps:

  • High flexibility: twice as flexible as mica-tape cables, it is easy to bend and to shape, even with bare hands; 15% less bending radius means that you can go around tight corners, and fit it into confined space
  • Easy strippability: twice as fast to strip as mica-tape cables, with no special tools required; in fact, it can be handled just like any conventional low-voltage building cable
  • Exceptional strength: three times harder than silicone-insulated cables, meaning that the insulation will not be damaged during installation; there is less waste and a reduced likelihood of system failure during commissioning.


With these exceptional characteristics, ALSECURE® Premium can bring significant changes to your installation work: increase comfort, save time, effort and costs, thus raise your productivity and competitiveness. Furthermore, its high fire safety performance can contribute to better serve building users’ safety interest.