Aging in the lab

Cable torture is a fine art

Image 1The mechanical test center uses six different machines, each with its own specifications, to test parameters like flexion, traction, torsion, bending, friction, hardness, impact, tear, etc. so as to verify all mechanical and geometrical cable properties.

These tools allow Nexans to fully test a wide range of cables under stress or in motion for:

  • Industrial applications: wind turbines, material handling, mining, shipboard, robotics
  • Infrastructure: overhead lines, railway networks, airports
  • Buildings: easy installation, resistance, safety

Mechanical testing comprises three main activities:

  • Technical facilities for providing added value to customers
  • Support to innovative R&D projects and the development of new market segments
  • Benchmarking to compare competing designs and establish best practices and processes throughout Nexans

Image 2The test center can be used by Nexans production units worldwide to thoroughly assess cables under various conditions, levels of duress, and mechanical loads. Test results can then be used for certification, validation of prototypes, and performance claims made to customers in specification sheets, marketing materials and advertising.

The Nexans Research Centers use the mechanical test center as a tool for various R&D projects. As a powerful support facility for experimental evaluation and a shared knowledge database, it is also key to design, engineering, mechanical simulation, prototype testing, and process control and validation.

As for benchmarking, comparing competing designs and evaluating the benefits of various projected structures in accordance with several, carefully-chosen criteria is vital to make sure our products remain at the leading edge of technology.

Our customers appreciate that we have the technical solutions which are essential to the efficient functioning of their products, systems and networks. By doing it for them, we provide them with the quality assurance they need and appreciate.