Communications cables

  • Communications cablesFrom multi-pair telephone, radioflex and data cables to sophisticated hybrid copper/fiber for train control, control-to-control, voice/video, etc.


For the London Underground, Nexans has outfitted emergency signal post telephones along the line to provide communications backup for subway drivers.

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Fire resistant cables 1kV
Indoor energy cables/Wires and cables 1kV

Fire Resistant cables enable the security systems (video surveillance, smoke ventilation, audio alarms...) to continue functioning for a certain time after the fire has started.

Alsecure Plus is Nexans’ full range of Fire resistant cable in accordance with the national standards.

Benefits of fire resistant cables

  • Secure critical applications in high-risk environments
  • Meet extreme fire conditions over an extended period
  • A full range to meet and exceed the most stringent national requirements and the different fire security applications