Signalling and control cables

  • Signalling and control cablesCopper, multi-pair signaling and control cables are hybrid energy/telecom cables providing low-voltage energy and two-way telecommunications for
    • wayside equipment,
    •  vital relays and
    • systems for advanced train control.


Nexans is involved in the London Underground’s Jubilee Northern Upgrade Program which will overhaul, upgrade and refit signalling on key lines. Other subway projects include the Daegu Subway line and Incheon International Airport in Korea, Santiago, Sao Paolo, New Delhi and Hanoi, Reims, and Algiers. In the US, Nexans is a prime supplier to AnsaldoSTS (Pittsburg). In Australia, Nexans has just extended its supply contract with Railcorp.

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Low smoke & fire resistant
Indoor energy cables/Wires and cables <1kV

Used in residential, public and industrial buildings, fire-resistant cables allow fire alarms, smoke evacuation, lighting, sprinklers, etc. to continue operating during a fire.

Instrumentation cables
Special Cables/Oil & Gas - Petrochemical dedicated cables

These cables are used to transmit analogue or digital signals in measurement and process control. Unarmoured cables can be used where there is no risk of mechanical damages.

Armoured cables are well adapted to underground use in industrial applications where chemical and mechanical protection ar needed. Lead covered and armoured cables are hydrocarbons resistant and have an enhanced resistance to aromatics. The Hypron® types offer an alternative to lead caveved cables.

AFNOR NF M 87 202 (250 V) is PVC insulation with PVC outer sheath type.
PAS 5308 (300/500 V) and EN 50288-7 (170/300 V) are PVC insulation with PVC outer sheath and XLPE, silicone and Mica tape/XLPE insulation with PVC sheath types.