Underground solutions

Coal cutter cablesCoal cutter cables

  • These customized ≤3 kV to ≤3.5 kV energy cables come in a chain and free-laying version, with optional control/monitoring conductors (including optical fiber).
  • They are fire-resistant and offer high abrasive resistance and tensile strength.

Ideal for connecting mobile cutting machines for coal or kali (salt) and potash which require a high bending load with low train stress. In Australia, Nexans has supplied the first and only 11 kV longwall cable in the world.

Loader/scooper cablesLoader/scooper cables

  • 1-3 kV energy-only cables mounted on reels on electric trucks in hard rock underground mines which carry ore or potash in galleries (up to 300 meters long) when conveyors are unavailable.
  • They offer high tensile strength (≤70 kN) and exceptional abrasion resistance.

Widely used in underground mines, these three-core cables incorporate a tough steel rope center and an anti-torsion braid for continuous reeling/unreeling.

Shaft and gallery cablesShaft and gallery cables

  • To facilitate installation, 10 kV shaft cables (with OF) are produced for free-hanging lengths up to 1,500 m
  • A new generation of gallery cables replaces PVC with a halogen-free compound to protect people and equipment.

Nexans delivered 60 km of large cross-section cables (400 mm2) to a large project in the Ural-Siberian region in Russia. The cables can operate down to -40°C and were produced and delivered in a record three months.

Drilling and tunneling cablesDrilling and tunneling cables

  • D&T cables (BUFLEX®) are sheathed in flame-retardant polyurethane.
  • Due to reduced diameter, more cable can be installed on mobile drill reels, allowing considerably longer travelling distance (up to 100 meters).

Nexans annually supplies 100 km of D&T cable to Sweden’s Atlas Copco and Finland’s Sandvik, leading manufacturers of mobile drilling machines.


These cables are part of our POWERMINE™ solutions designed by Nexans to respond to the very demanding expectations of the mining market.