Fiber-optic cables

  • Fiber-optic cablesTo assure high data transmission capacity for monitoring and control, Nexans’ rugged, halogen-free FO cables offer Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) in energy-dense areas.
  • They are very flexible and can handle high torsion.
  • Large cores (200 microns) make connectivity easier.

Nexans developed new optical fiber pre-connectorized fiber for Alstom for easy “plug and play.”


These cables are part of our Windlink® solutions designed by Nexans to respond the very demanding expectations of the wind turbine market.

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Fibre optic LAN cables
Telecom Infrastructures/Fibre cables

To safeguard the future of local networks and provide high-speed data rates needed for quality graphic, full-motion video and desktop publishing, Nexans offers high-precision, single and multimode optical fiber and preconnected components.


With GIGAlite, Nexans offer the widest product range of optical fibre LAN cables. In order to help you select the right product depending on your application, you can use the parametric search tool below. GIGAlite cable range enables you to choose the fibre grade to match any cable structure