Building foundations

Frost damage in building foundations are expensive and difficult to repair. Heating cables installed in foundation will efficiently prevent this. The heating cables can either be embedded or installed directly on the outside of the foundation. Please see picture below.

Power required
When it comes to floors built directly on the ground, 20-25 W/m base/foundation is sufficient. When having air space inside the outer wall the power is increased to 30-35 W/m base/foundation.

Thermostat control
The heat loss from the building itself is usually enough to keep the bases/foundations frost free, and the heating cables are only there as an extra safety measure. The heating cables should be installed by a thermostat with a sensor placed in the same depth as the heating cables, between two cable strings.

The heating cables are either installed at the base of the foundation or inside the foundation itself. Please see the picture.


  1. Heating cable, two solutions.
  2. Shows heating cables installed in a room of the building.