Frost protection

Heating cables are well suited for providing frost protection of vulnerable sites and components in a building. Pipes that burst due to frost can cause major water damage.

Defrost Pipe
Defrost Water

Nexans manufactures heating cables that can be installed on the outside or inside of water pipes, thus easily and effectively preventing this problem.


Another common problem is blocked gutters and roof drains which result in ice and snow falling from roofs. This can endanger the safety of humans and animals and make the property unsafe. In town areas, it is the responsibility of the owner or inhabitants of buildings to ensure that people on the pavement and roads are not exposed to this danger.


The installation of heating cables in gutters and roof drains prevents snow and ice from falling off the roof efficiently, cheaply and safely.


A third instance where frost protection is necessary is in freezer-room floors . The cold from the freezer room may lead to the water in the ground below freezing, causing cracks and damage that are both difficult and expensive to repair. Such problems are easily and safely eliminated by installing heating cables in freezer-room floors.


Soil heating is also an area of use for heating cables, used e.g. in football fields, to ensure that the ground is not frozen.