Snow melting

Are you tired of shovelling snow and having an icy driveway?

DrivewayHeating cables installed in the ground ensure that your driveway, stairs or entrance area are free of snow and ice throughout the winter. You also avoid the risk of injury of yourself and others by manoeuvring on snow and ice in front of your own home.


Nexans produces heating cables that can be installed directly in hot asphalt or concrete, or under stone blocks or slabs.


You can choose whether to install heating cables in large areas or only where you need them most; where your car drives, in stair steps or in your entrance area.


Snow-melting heating cables are easy to regulate using modern thermostats specifically designed for this purpose. These thermostats ensure that the cables are switched off when it is dry on the ground or the temperature is above or below the pre-set temperature limits. Snow-melting cables therefore consume far less energy and are much cheaper to run than most people believe.