Directly below parquet or laminate

Nexans has developed Millidry™ for direct installation below wooden floor of parquet or laminate without any use of screed or concrete.

Millidry™ is designed as a dry solution below parquet or laminate without any use of screed or mortar. The area power is set to 65 W/m² at 230V.

Millidry is rolled out evenly throughout the room onto a layer of etafoam, which is a normal sub layer when installing parquet. The mat is installed the direction so that the laminate or parquet boards are crossing the cables, and don’t go along longitudinally. See picture for correct installation. If the parquet or laminate vendor demands it a moisture barrier must be installed between the etafoam and the sub floor.

Surplus etafoam is removed, so that that the etafoam only covers the areas where the Millidry™ will be installed. The other areas not covered by Millidry™ are covered by Nexans fibre boards (6 mm height) or other boards with height 4 – 6 mm able to withstand pressure.

The splice on the heating cable and the end seal are slit into the sub floor. Before the laminate or parquet is installed, a layer of rawfelt is installed to provide a antifrietion layer between the parquet and the heating cable / board installation below.

Floor construction
  1. Thermal insulation
  2. Sub floor
  3. Etafoam
  4. Millidry™
  5. Rawfelt
  6. Parquet / Laminate

Millidry™ has factory mounted cold lead. This lead is installed through a conduit or cable tray to the thermostat which is connected to the electrical system. All heating cable installations must a ground fault interrupter installed along with a circuit breaker. The maximum trip level of the interrupter is 30 mA.0