Building height maximum 30 mm

If you have the possibility to elevate the floor 30 mm or more using ordinary heating cables like TXLP/TKXP probably is your best choice. Keep in mind the power per meter with regards to center – center distance and even heat distribution.

TXLP/2R recommended
Recommended product for this application is TXLP/2R, preferably 10 W/m products with hidden splice. The cable is installed on existing floor and embedded in mortar/screed. After hardening vinyl or tiles are installed on the top. If you are installing a wooden floor please follow the guidelines of the actual wooden floor with respect to the power per m². Never install more than 80 W/m² in wooden floors unless uniquely specified by a manufacturer.

Floor construction 

  1. Cable installed behind the WC to dry condense water.
  2. Gully
  3. Distance to gully should minimum be 100 mm.
  4. Cold lead (Should be place in a “dry” zone of the floor)