Building height maximum 15 mm

Millimat floor provides a solution where the floor can be elevated only 15 mm above the existing floor.

Adjusted to the existing floor
Millimat is rolled out and adjusted to the existing floor, and is embedded in screed/concrete or the tile glue. Millimat can be installed directly on a combustible sub floor.

Stable subfloor which handles the loads
Make sure the subfloor is stable and possessing the ability to handle the required loads. If necessary the heating cable can be loosened form the net to avoid obstacles and to create tailor made solutions on site. Make sure the center – center distance is kept the same as it is on the net itself. Remember to avoid the cable touching or crossing itself.

Low height floors are ideal for being controlled by thermostats with day/night saving or other forms of time adjustments. In wet rooms a floor sensor is recommended.

Millimat floor - the thinnest solution for wet room floors

Thin floor construction

MILLIMAT placed on a solid sub floor. The heating mat is embedded into  concrete/screed, and finally, tile adhesive and tiles on top.



  • MILLIMAT/80 can be installed on combustible sub floor with freely chosen thermostat.
  • MILLIMAT/130 must be installed on non combustible sub floor.