About heating

More and more people around the world are discovering the comfort of a warm floor.

The pleasant warmth can be installed in almost every floor type and gives comfort to private homes and office buildings.

No wall space occupied
The warm floor system is invisible and does not occupy any wall space. The heat is evenly distributed in the room and gives a comfort that must be experienced. There are no parts gathering dust and you are free to use the room space at your desire.

Minimum energy consumption
Through an electronic thermostat, the floor keeps the desired temperature at any time and the energy consumption is limited to a minimum.

User friendly, reliable and safe
The heating cables of Nexans have always been regarded as high quality products with focus on user friendliness, reliability and safety. Our product developments such as the twin conductor cable, the integrated splice and the advanced screen on the Millimat have been trend setting and resulting in extremely low failure rates. Nexans offers a 10-year warranty on its electrical heating products.

International standards
All products are designed and tested in accordance with international standards, such as IEC and CENELEC standards, and meet the requirements of the European low voltage directive. The production is approved in accordance with the quality standard ISO 9001 and the environmental policy standard ISO 14001.

Our distribution network covers many parts of the world. For an overview, see the page Contact Us or send an e-mail to: heating.cable@nexans.com.

Heating cables in a house