Heat loss and load demand

Floor heating installations can cover heat loss and provide full heating, or serve as a basic heating of the floor for comfort purposes.

In new and properly insulated buildings the transmission losses are normally in the range of 60-80 W/m2 (5.5 - 7.5 W/sq. ft) building area. In old or poorly insulated buildings the installations are normally based on an installed load of 80-100 W/m2 (7.5 - 9 W/sq. ft) building area. A full heat loss calculation should be performed in accordance with local requirements when necessary.

Floor heating systems are normally called low temperature radiant heating systems as the heat is emitted from the floor are by radiation, heating the surrounding surfaces, walls, furniture etc. Thus, you acheive an ideal heat distribution and air temperature throughout the room.

The result is a very comfortable warmth, which is easy to control, room by room.