New Buildings

Nexans delivers heating cables suited for all room types.


In new buildings, it can be decided during the planning phase which rooms are supposed to have under-floor heating. This allows a unique opportunity to design a tailor-made heated floor for optimal comfort and efficient use of energy. 

The floor's construction depth, door sill height, etc, do not have to be taken into consideration when buildings are being renovated. We normally recommend laying traditional heating cables in a 30-50 mm thick concrete layer, which can later be decorated using tiles, parquet flooring, laminated wood, wall-to-wall carpets or other floor coverings. Heating cables can also be installed directly in wooden-beam layers in floors.

In new buildings, it is also easy to ensure that the cables are properly insulated using thermal insulation as a base. It is worth noting that the cost of installing heating cables in a new building is much lower than the cost of installing a water-based floor heating system. The installation costs are in general not any higher than for other alternative electrical heating systems.