Economic solutions with heating cable installations

Heating cable installations do have low installation and running cost.

Most buildings do already have an electrical system, and the heating cables can I most cases be connected to this system without doing any modifications. If the building is planned to have electrical heating using heating cables will not have any impact on the capacity of the electrical system at all.

The installation cost of heating cables is very low compared to any other floor heating system

Floor heating systems consists of large areas with low temperature. The heat is emitted mostly through radiant heating in contradiction to panel heaters which create air circulation and uneven temperature through the room. Radiant heating from the floor gives you an ideal heat distribution. The heat is where you want it to be, that is on the floor and upwards. You avoid warm air gathering at the ceiling. In general if you look at the entire room, you achieve the same level of comfort with a lower average temperature using under floor heating. This means less heat loss and saved energy. The energy consumption can be reduced as much as 5-15%.

Controlling heating cable systems
Electric heating is basically very easy and provides a precise and accurate control. This simple fact means energy savings compared to water based systems. This also applies to heating cables systems of course.

In modern heating cable installations the cables are installed closer to the top surface of the floor compared to systems installed 20 years ago. This means faster response and quicker control. The thermostat and control technology have also been improved significantly the last 20 years. Today heating cables systems are quick and precise systems providing a high level of comfort with an economic approach.