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When Nexans Norway took up the heating cable manufacturing in 1926, we were the first heating cable producer in the world. Our cables were produced in Norway ever since the first day.

Heating cables ProductsOur product development has always been focused on quality and user friendliness. Therefore, we are able to offer a full range of high-quality products for comfort heating, frost protection and snow melting today.


Nexans Norway has been setting the standards for heating cable products with developments like the integrated splice and twin conductor cables. We are market leader in Norway and our products are well-known among Norwegian electricians. In fact, Nexans heating cables are the preferred product of Norwegian installers because of their superior quality, reliability and user friendliness.


The product range offered by Nexans Norway extends from single conductor heating cables on drums to single and twin conductor heating cable elements, technically advanced heating mat solutions for renovation purposes and self-limiting heating cables.


Our heating cables can be installed in any kind of room, in new buildings as well as at renovation sites. Moreover, we do not only offer heating cables for installation in concrete floor constructions, but our product range also includes a heating system for “dry” installation – without using any form of screed or levelling compounds.


Frost protection of pipes, tanks, etc. is of utmost importance in areas with cold climate during the winter months. Frozen pipes or tanks can lead to leakages, which may cause very expensive damages. This problem can easily be avoided by using electric heating cables. Nexans Norway offers products for installation inside or outside of drinking water pipes or any other kind of pipes.


Melting snow and ice with help of electric heating cables is both effective and economical. Heating cables, like any other electric heating system, are very easy to control. Today's market offers a wide range of automatic control systems, which ensure that the heating cables will only be switched on when necessary. Therefore, the operation of snow melting applications with electric heating cables is much cheaper than most people would believe. Nexans Norway offers heating cables which can be directly installed in hot asphalt, concrete or which can be laid under sand or flagstones. Our electric heating cables ensure that your outdoor areas are free of snow and ice during the complete winter season.

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