Cable installation

Capjet ROV and dynamic cables

  • To optimize network in challenging environment, Nexans uses sophisticated design and installation software.

CAD software is used to design aerial lines according to conductor type, terrain, tower position, span and weather conditions.

In Norway, our custom-designed software takes into account waves and currents to hang cables dynamically offshore, saving expensive on-site mechanical testing

Related products and solutions

Services dedicated to our outdoor Energy offer

Confronted by deregulation and stiff competition, today's demanding Customers are looking for more than just a commodity. They expect complete Turnkey systems delivered to schedule, ready to operate, and environment  friendly.

This requires preliminary testing, engineering, and custom design in close Partnership with the customer. It also means taking responsibility in the critic Installation process, developing a whole range of joints and accessories, and Providing ongoing service and training.                         

Nexans's prime strengths are:

  • 80 years of experience in installing systems around the world
  • Equal familiarity with submarine, land and aerial projects
  • Masters of interconnection
  • Directly control of all aspects of a turnkey project