Cables & connectors for transformers

bubble : cables & connectors for transformers

  • We produce insulated connectors for distribution and transmission equipment (transformers, switches)
  • Cable joints and terminations.

To maintain and repair existing networks, a new, reliable transition joint was launched at RWE in Germany, as well as a temporary quick repair joint for EDF in France.

Related products and solutions

Bare Copper conductors
Outdoor Energy cables/Overhead lines

Copper cords for overheadlines installed close the seas and/or poluted areas due to higher resistance to support environmental agressivity than Aluminium conductors.

Cross-sections from 16 mm² to 600 mm². .

XLPE insulated
Outdoor Energy cables/Land High Voltage cables

Since the late 1960s we have been developing an entire range of XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene) insulated cables for high voltage-transmission.

This kind of cable consists of a stranded copper or aluminum conductor with an extruded insulation system which is further protected by a metallic shield and an outer sheath. In submarine applications, the cable is normally designed with a lead sheath and outer steel-wire armor

XLPE cables are predominantly used in underground networks, but  are gradually replacing traditional paper-insulated, fluid-impregnated cables undersea, as well.

They have several distinct advantages:


  • Flexibility, lightness and strength
  • No need for an auxiliary fluid-pressure system
  • Low maintenance compared to fluid-impregnated cables
  • Simpler accessories
LV substation power cables
Outdoor Energy cables

Low voltage cables primarily intended for fixed installation indoors and outdoors in soil and water.