Aerial Bundled Conductors (ABCs)

Power ABC

  • 0.6/1 kV XLPE aluminum-alloy core cables used for both network and residential connections
  • the latter can have one or two copper conductor(s) for monitoring purposes.

Thousands of km of Nexans’ ABCs are being installed by the power utility, Tatenergo, in the Republic of Tatarstan under a 5-year contract. This cable is also being widely used in many other countries.

Related products and solutions

Distribution cables
Outdoor Energy cables/LV aerial bundled cables

LV aerial distribution cables with Copper or aluminium conductors and cross-linked PE insulation (XLPE).

Aerial bundled cables represent a reliable and cost-effective alternative solution to rural electrification.

Service cables
Outdoor Energy cables/LV aerial bundled cables

These cables are used to provide low voltage overhead public network distribution lines.

  • Service bundled conductors, derived from distribution cable, for tributary networks of power buildings and their internal networks.