Maritime Local Area Networks

Navy LAN

  • Copper and/or fiber LANs to handle
    • navigation,
    • telecommunications,
    • combat management,
    • directions systems (CMS/CDS) and Command Support System (CSS) for Network Centric Warfare. 


For the US Navy, Nexans tests its cables against electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) which arises from the aerial detonation of a nuclear device and can disable data transfers.

Related products and solutions

Category 7 / 7A
Systems, Accessories & Equipment/LAN Cabling Systems/Copper LAN Systems

LANmark-7A is the highest performance standards compliant, copper solution available in the market.  This Category 7A / Class FA solution provides backwards compatible performance beyond 1000MHz and features the revolutionary GG45 connector.

Recommended uses:

  • Very long lifetime needs (>15years)
  • Composite analogue & high speed digital data
  • Multiple service applications (voice, data, video using different pairs in the same cable)
  • Very high electromagnetic noise environments
  • Installations where the relacement cost is very high (e.g. ships etc)